Mission Statement

Eugene CDC is a private not-for-profit child care center that was established in 1988 for EWEB employees and the general public. After dissolving our partnership with EWEB, we now exclusively serve the general public. Our mission is to provide a warm, safe, and healthy environment where everyone is accepted and respected, and growth and learning are nurtured.

We strive to make learning natural, enjoyable, and active. We provide materials, activities, and a physical setting that encourage children to act on their ideas and problem solve individually or in small groups.


The teacher’s role is to nurture the child’s natural curiosity and facilitate the child’s efforts to learn, develop a sense of self, and to interact with the group. Our teachers promote the needs and interests of individual children as well as the group as a whole.

Our teachers make up the backbone of the extended family of Eugene CDC. We strive to attract and retain positive, sensitive staff members with training and experience in early childhood development and education. We maintain an environment in which staff is valued, respected, and supported.


The purpose of the Eugene Child Development Center is to provide an away-from-home child care experience that nurtures and nourishes both the individual and the group as a whole. Our program focuses on children’s developmental stages with respect to their individual levels, abilities, and interests. Additionally, children learn to cooperate and participate as a part of the group.


(541) 345-8887


888 Goodpasture Island Rd
Eugene, OR 97401
United States of America