Administrative and Support Team

Elaine Warkel, Interim Director

Elaine has been with Eugene CDC since April 2016. Before taking on the Director position in September 2017, she worked as a Lead Teacher in our Preschool class for a year and as an Assistant Director since April 2017. She has 20+ years experience working with preschool children, and has her Associates of Arts Degree in Early Childhood Education from Lane Community College. She is bilingual and teaches Spanish language classes here, too. She is the mother of three grown children (2 girls, 1 boy) and loves to spend time with her family. She is a foodie who loves trying out new restaurants; she also loves thrift shopping. Halloween is her favorite holiday.

Christy Norman, Assistant Director

Christy has been with Eugene CDC for over 20 years and is also the Lead Teacher in the Infant Room. She took on the dual role of Assistant Director in April of 2017 and juggles both responsibilites admirably. She has her Associates of Arts Degree in Early Childhood Education from Lane Community College. In her spare time, Christy enjoys reading, cooking, going to the coast, and spending time with her husband and three wonderful boys, Rylan, Kellen, and Braydan and their daughter Kayleen.

Kerry Vill, Assistant Director

Assistant Director Kerry has been with Eugene CDC since January 2013. She works as both an Assistant Director (since April 2017) and as a Substitute Teacher. At her second job, she works with children with special and behavioral needs at Oregon Family Support Network, and has 15+ years experience working with kids in general. In addition to working with children, she worked in film & television production for 11 years in Los Angeles. She is a couple of credits shy of her Bachelor's Degree in Human Development and Family Studies from the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR). She has a teenage son, numerous pets and a huge garden. She is an urban homesteader, food preserver and blogger who loves to read and cook.

Randy Neal, Cook and Maintenence

Randy, our Cook, has been with Eugene CDC since March 2017. He has 2 years experience cooking in a preschool setting. He is also our maintenance and repair go-to guy. He enjoys science fiction, tinkering with all kinds of things and spending time with his family.


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